Benefits of KaZaBe wool toys and jewelry for everyone!

Natural eco-friendly material

I create my works from the natural wool of happy lambs 🐑 Lamb's fur is said to be the closest in its structure to the one of human hair, so the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal. Besides, wool is warm and very cuddly. In my turn, I am very happy that my toys turn out to be incredibly cute and delight people around!
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Bring joy and happiness every day

“This is a woolen miracle, that you can afford” - these are the words of one of my customers. Most people who see and hold my toys, brooches and pendants in their hands feel incredible tenderness, which brings smile to their faces and fill their eyes with joy. I do believe that my toys bring positive energy and emotions, because they are reflections of who I am on the inside. Toys often prompt me their poses or facial expressions in the process of creation, and I feel the warmth in my hands which let the miracle happen.

Unique items for collectors

A unique sculpture made of felt or handmade jewelry will surely be a great gift to your friend collector, and may become the pearl of his collection.

Pleasing your inner child

And this one is very important! In childhood, we might have been missing something, but now we can understand what it was and visualize our dream by means of wool! For example, I can revive the character of your favorite fairy tale or cartoon! Felt miraculously transfers warmth, and I will try to make exactly what you need! When I create custom made toys, they often turn out to look like their future owners, and it makes me incredibly happy :)

Look like real animals

For children who are allergic to pets, there is an alternative: a woolen cat or puppy, made in a photorealistic or fairy-tale style. It can also be a brooch with the image of your favorite soft toy from childhood, or the image of your pet. Such thing will warm your soul with memories, and delight your eyes every day.

Mascots for travellers, musicians, bloggers, and other creative people

Toys made of wool can be your travel companions so that you could live through the most precious moments of your journey together. And for those who do not like being photographed, this toy might be an avatar that shows its world instead of you on Instagram. For example, there is a wonderful blue cat who is touring with his master, a musician, sitting on the pegs of his bass guitar. Besides, you can also create toy's own social media account or YouTube blog and shoot funny videos with it =)

Safe and liked by children!

I make toys for children of any age: finger toys, for example. These can be washed and played with pleasure again. Besides, wool is an excellent natural tactile material for exploring the world by the toddlers. If you have older kids, you can play with wool toys together and come up with your own fairy tales and funny stories! It builds strong relationships and leaves unforgettable memories in they hearts for a lifetime.

Jewelry made of wool attracts attention. You will look bright and unique!

It is impossible to pass by someone who has a small hedgehog hiding on the blouse or a proud head of a king of animals — a lion! You certainly will not go unnoticed at the office or at a party!

200% cute)

All these cute and heart touching wool creatures are handmade, so you can order them for yourself or for your friend as a gift and enjoy them with as much joy as they were crafted 🤗

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